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Younique Foundation
126 Cambridge st Burlington
Burlington, MA 01803
United States

We have over 1 million presenters all across the globe working together to fight for the same cause! We all have the same mission to help protect children from childhood Sexual Abuse and give every child a VOICE!! Wether your looking to become a presenter or to buy products my website is the place to go!! The Younique Foundation
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Younique Foundation
Denise Hunter
126 Cambridge st Burlington
Burlington MA 01803
United States
Younique Foundation Denise Hunter
I'm a mom of 3 boys i love cosmetics and skin care. One day I decided to try this Oppertunity out and am so glad i did. Not only is it a way to give back but it gives children a voice and has helped me and my family financially greatly. Today I'm a proud Yellow Status Presenter! if your a mom or dad looking for work at home Oppertunities look no further.

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