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Our journey began even before we realised what was the real truth about what was really in our water.

For me back in 2009 after an armful of vaccines that where apparently required to go travelling, it was within a 12 month period that I experienced feeling ill. A bad dose of whooping cough, numerous bouts of bronchitis and chest infections and feeling tired all the time.

In 2013, we began a journey of learning more about eating healthier foods and really looking at what things we put in and on our body.

It was while we were at an Expo we were introduced to the Enagic Machines. Whilst not doing anything about it immediately it was some 9 months later and we revisited these machines. What we learnt about what was in our water and how some waters we think were good for us actually weren't. We went on a trial which for us only lasted 7 days because we were already convinced that we wanted one of these machines.

The machine we have gives us 7 levels of water from Strong antiseptic water to high degreasing water and drinking water in between.

We have used all types of the water and already feel heaps better with our health. Our pets are now on the water too and drinking far more than we've seen them do before.

We have close family that have medical conditions and already are raving about the water and how it is helping them. With so many people experiencing better health and improved health conditions from drinking the water from these machines, how can you go wrong?

You can experience a 14 day trial of this water. Get in touch with us today and you too can feel the difference simply by changing the water you drink.
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