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We are Amazin Grape!

Our product is a Dietary Supplement made from Muscadine Grape Seed and Skin. Our product is produced at the oldest and largest Muscadine vineyard in North Carolina, under very strict guidelines by a Chemist committed to the highest quality product. The production facility is inspected by the USDA and FDA not once, but twice yearly. Since they are also a winery, there are ATF agents constantly checking the quality control. Open a capsule of any other product and one of Amazin Grape. Now see and feel the difference. One is dark brown, grainy and hard (like coffee beans, roasted at high temps, quick to market). Amazin Grape is soft and deep purple. In order to keep the enzymes alive, the production is very labor-intensive and time consuming, but it produces a superior Product!
A year ago there were only a handful of companies selling grape seed, but more research confirms the benefits of consuming Muscadine Grape Seed and skin,and now that Dr. OZ and a major research foundation are talking about how the Muscadine can help battle cancer; there are more companies jumping on board with a grape seed product. Watch short videos For more information Visit website

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