Leverage you home with no monthly payments nor interest

When one wants to tap into the equity of their home, as the image above demonstrates, one usually has 3, main, options, that just about anyone can use:

Option 1: HEL (Home Equity Loan),
Option 2: HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit),
Option 3: Cash Out ReFi (Refinance).

Each of these have pros and cons. HELOCs are generally considered the “easiest,” whreas the Cash Out Refi is considered the “hardest,” where the HELs fall in between. What you need to keep in mind, for all of these is that in most, if not all, circumstances, while you will have “cash” for your investment options, you will now have two debts: your original mortgage (or new mortgage, for the ReFi), and your new loan.

You can opt to go to your original mortgage provider, shop around, or check out a lending exchange (Lending Tree, Prosper, etc), to see if you can tap into your equity, and invest in that equity into real estate, or a business, and as long as there is enough profit, it can pay back the investment amount, as well as your mortgage. However, there is one more, main option, that involves no monthly payments and no interest! It is “equity sharing.”

Q: Is this a loan?
A: No. With no interest and no monthly payments, it is a mortgage debt alternative.

Q: How does this work?
A: You trade a share in the change of your property's future value (up or down), for a set amount of cash now.

Q: How much can I receive?
A: 10 - 20% of your homes appraised value. The most invested in one home is $500,000.

Q: What are the basic qualification guides?
A: A credit score of +650 (may consider 600), DTI (debt to income) ratio of less than 50%, it must be your primary residence, and other factors.

Q: What types of properties are considered:
A: Single family homes, Condominiums, Townhomes. Second homes may be considered. Any other types may be considered on a case by case, as the firm decides. Manufactured/mobile homes are generally not considered.

Q: What can this be used for?
A: Anything you desire, from debt consolation to home improvements. 100K Investing, LLC., highly suggests that you use the money to invest, such as in real estate, or a business.

At the end of the term--from 10 - 30 years--the invested money is due. The most common way is to sell your home. However, if you have invested the money, you can use that money earned from your investment, to pay back the investors.
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100K Investing, LLC. Eddie Starr
100K Investing, LLC. helps with real estate, both residential and commercial.

For residentials, we help home owners find investors who will lend 10 - 20% of their home's appraisal value, for no monthly payments nor interest, with terms from 10 - 30 years.

We highly suggest that one uses that money to invest, such as in real estate, or a business, so that you can build up money to repay the investment, as an alternative to selling your home at the end of the term.

For commercial, we work JVs with investors looking to purchase real estate, bringing 50% of the purchase price, or 55% of the LTV.

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