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This is the first of its kind - Homeopathic, transdermal FDA registered HGH gel. Over 40 health benefits for any individual over 30. May relieve joint pain, boosted muscular tissue mass, lessen creases, higher cardio outcome, overall tissue generation, stronger bones, boosted immune, much healthier hair as well as nails, faster recuperation, increased power, weight loss, decreased body fat, simply among others!

This product has been readily available for over 14 years to aid Mixed Martial Arts fighters get off of pricey unsafe HGH shots. You as well can have the advantages of reversing the clock and aging with dignity.

Our company remains in pre launch and this item will certainly be come a home name! Over 700 physician have actually currently joined as well as are spreading the word! Less than $500 to begin your very own organization! Less than $150 to get going as a customer - product can last 2 months!

Check out this 28 minute presentation:

New U Life is one of the fastest growing Home based direct sells company and is growing leaps and bounds. This is a ground floor breaking opportunity, so join soon to get your spot in the binary.

You can call me, email me or text me if you have any questions or comments.

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Take care and God Bless!

Without Prejudice
In Christ,
Shawn Watson
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Hi, we are Guy Te and Shawn Watson. God has led us to create the Holistic and Natural Health and Healing Ministry. It is our vision to make the various healing modalities that God has blessed the world with available to more people. These modalities include: Frequency generators, PEMF devices, TENS devices, Remote natural healing,
Energy frequency delivery devices, Cold lasers,
Homeopathic type bioenergetic solutions,
Nutrigenomic technologies, Natural remedies that help the body's innate healing abilities, such as, Structured water healing modalities, EMF protection, Essential oils, Etc....

We want our Ministry to offer helpful, affordable, effective, non-toxic and non-invasive natural solutions. Every contribution will be gratefully received and will take us a step closer to being able to help "Everyone" who seeks healing.

Take care and God bless you!
Without prejudice
In Christ,
Guy Te and Shawn Watson

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