Registration Started From 1st September,
Washington, DC 12546
United States

Congrats ! Good News, Good News ! Get ready Volunteer.
Registration opens From 1st September,
LIYFE CARE is a helping Concept to protect the whole world, Our Mission is to grow Child Development, Erasing Malnutrition, Education Support, Health Care.
Start helping each other from the whole world through LIYFE CARE platform from today
3 Easy steps to donate & feel proud.
Our Platform accept/support Bitcoin.
Participants have to register to join LiyfeCare Foundation.
2% daily donation growth or 60% monthly donation growth.
3% Speed Bonus.
All Donation plans are in Bitcoin.
Minimum Provide Donation is 0.002 BTC & Maximum Provide Donation is 10 BTC.
Minimum Get Donation is 0.001 BTC, Maximum Get Donation is unlimited.
Guider Criteria: At-least 10 active DIRECT participants by your referral link.
10% donation bonus on First donation.
Military Discounts Available
Senior Discounts Available
Open Sundays
Student Discounts Available

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