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Staffhaws Outsourcing
4 Kingston Street
Peregian Springs, QLD 4573

Staffhaws Philippines is a micro business process outsourcing company catering to both businesses and individuals who need offshore staff for their campaigns.

Our main office is located in Lucena - a city about three hour drive from Metro Manila. Our strategic location gives us an edge as to our hourly rates, since we are outside the Metro, our cost of living is also less therefore giving you same results for half the price.

Why hire Filipinos?

Currently, the Philippines is the number one outsourcing hub in the world. Most locals speak fluent English with less accent and correct diction. It is also considered as location of choice due to its less expensive operational and labor cost.

​So if you are an established business or a startup and you

need to be cost effective and at the same time super productive

give us a try - no contract whatsoever, no strings attached. Again, we are not BIG, we are actually MICRO - but our people are all experienced in their own respective fields.

Why wait? Delegate all your office tasks to us then

sit back and watch your business FLY!
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