Short Tours from One day to Three days in Ethiopia

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Short Tours of one to three days duration before leaving Ethiopia; these tours are all land journeys as given below, and are found in the nearby areas of Addis Ababa.
1. Debre Libanos monastery and Blue Nile Gorge (One day / two days trip from Addis Ababa)
Debre Libanos: An important monastic centre of Ethiopian Orthodox Church. It was set up in the 13th century by Saint Tekle Haimanot, he is said to have prayed for seven years, on one leg. On this tour, you can visit one of Ethiopian’s endemic mammals, the Gelada/ bleeding heart baboon. There are also different birds when you go down to the valley. You can have view of the surrounding country side. It is possible to stay one over night here/ return back to Addis on the same day.
Blue Nile Gorge: it is truly magnificent gorge; some people compare it with the Grand Canyon of USA. It is a one day excursion from Addis Ababa.

2. Melka Kunture, Adadimariam and Tiya / one day excursion from Addis Ababa
Melka kunture: is one of the archeological sites in Ethiopia. Melka Kunture lies in the upper awash valley, 50 km south of Addis Ababa, at an altitude of 2000m.
Adadi Mariam: is a rock-hewn church located approximately 66 km southwest of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A popular tourist destination, the site is believed to have been built in the 12th century. The rock hewn Church of Adadi Mariam is said to have been built by king Lalibela on his visit to mount Zequala.
Tiya: Classified by UNSCO as world heritage site standing engraved stele which stretch across parts southern Ethiopia, believed to have been erected between the 12th and the 14th centuries. They are grave markers.

3. Wonchi Crater Lake (two days)
Ambo is found at 126 kilometers from Addis, after 32 kilometer to the south west of Ambo, you can find Wonchi, which is a crater lake.
The Lake covers an area of 560 hectares. The highest peak around the lake is about 3000 meters high. The area has dramatically beautiful. You can find aquatic birds, Columbus monkeys. A small monastery on the Island, saint Kirkos church said to have been built by emperor Zarayakob in the 15th century.

4. Lake Abijata-Shalla and Lake Langano (one day / two days tour)
These lakes are rift valley lakes, and on the way you can also visit Lake Zeway .
Here you can visit birds of different kinds. Nearby head quarter of Abijata-Shalla, you can see Ostrich. From wild life; warthog, gazelle and jackals are some of the mammals which are commonly seen in the park. Along the shores of Lake Lango, you can visit different species of birds and it is popular for water sports; Lake Langano is a base to visit other sites since there are resort hotels.
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