BiontechWorld - Insoles for improved health

Insoles for improved health

Using our Biontech insoles can provide many health benefits, including a reduction on joint impacts: 17% on knees, 13% on ankles and 5% on lower back areas. This shall result in lower muscle tension and fatigue. Our insoles are also indicated for people with diabetes and expectant mothers.

Everyday insoles

Biontech soles are your best ally to use with any type of footwear. You don’t need to be an athlete to be able to wear them. By using our insoles, you will reduce muscle tension resulting in further comfort. Don’t hesitate to wear them to any special occasions, even in closed toe party footwear.

Sports footwear insoles

Biontech insoles fully adapt to your foot’s unique features. By using them in your sports footwear, you will manage to reduce the impact on your joints, preventing future injuries. Our insoles are specially designed for sports people, allowing you to continue standing strong.
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