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Are are you spending money? Or are you making money with your Smartphone?

If I can show you a way to turn your Smartphone into an ATM, would you be interested?

If you like what you see, and you get excited, are you ready to join my team? Are we in business, agree?

A few months ago I bought an educational package worth €99 (R 2000), in one of the biggest and fastest-growing online companies ever (they grow faster than what Facebook did!!!). 10 million-plus members since January 2019. I also got REWARDS WORTH €99, as the company grows the CROWD1 REWARDS gain more value.

The company has affiliations with the biggest online gambling and gaming companies (that I know NOTHING of, by the way). Did you know that 50% of online spenders spend it on gambling and gaming? And now we can make money off that. Stuff like Texas Holdem Poker, AngryBirds, Candy Crush, Betway, etc.

Well, I bought into this company, shared this with 4 friends, and made my money back double + I have C1REWARDS growing weekly at 10 Euro/week inside this MASSIVE company. There's also a business side to it all, where you can make a decent amount of cash flow should you like to pursue that with me.

This company is spreading like a wildfire, 50 000+ new members per day. Imagine what your C1 REWARDS will be worth in 6 months.

Let me know if you are ready to secure your future or require more information. Please view the following 4-minute presentation on Youtube:

I don’t like to waste my time or anyone else’s, so we could set up a time for the two of us to talk about what I’m sending over, but ONLY if it seems like a fit for you.

From what I know of your experience, I think you’ll be into it, but you’re not, you can just reply to the e-mail and let me know you’re not interested, and I’ll drop it.

But assuming you’re a fit like I think you are what’s a good time for you to talk to me, soon?

Could you do a Zoom meeting at 10:00?
Or please add time and day to my Gmail Calander for us to have a zoom meeting:

We’ll need about 15 minutes, so block that time out.

I am really glad we connected, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

You can also join immediately at

Keep well - talk to you later.

Charlene Williams
CROWD1 – Troych – Affiliate

P.S. Please visit my website for more information:

Charlene Williams

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