Dwellbee - Quality products with Intention, Simplicity, Consistency & Beauty.

What’s in a name?
Bees are ingenious architects. They’re highly organized, both in how they operate within their own hive, as well as how they build. Their honeycomb structure is a fantastic example of organization and functionality.

The word “dwell” literally means to live or reside. Combining these ideas into a single word, Dwellbee conveys the very essence of what we’re trying to achieve with our products.

Quality. Intention. Simplicity. Consistency. Beauty.
These terms embody the core elements that drive our creative process. At Dwellbee, we strive to make everyday home and travel essentials that excite our customers and bring harmony into their homes and their lifestyles.
Each product is designed with purpose and thoughtfully sourced through carefully vetted manufacturers who share our passion for quality, consistency and integrity.

At Dwellbee, quality is all-encompassing, from our design process to the materials and the manufacturers we use. We scrutinize every detail. We inspect the leather used for our purses and wallets, the stitching on our laptop cases and travel bags, the finishing on our rustic wood home organizers. We’ve found that if we use quality materials, quality manufacturers and create well thought out designs, we can present a truly excellent product to our customers.

We don’t want to add another uninspired product to the world. We want to create products that serve a very real function. When developing a new product, our ultimate litmus test is this: Would we use it? Would we be proud to give this to a family member or a friend? If the answer to either of those questions is “no,” then we go back to the drawing board.

We want every part of every product we create to have a defined purpose. We don’t add embellishments just because we can. For us, simplicity and beauty go hand-in-hand. Clean lines, slim silhouettes and beautiful materials – these are features that can determine whether a product lasts for a season or lasts for a lifetime.

At Dwellbee, consistency is key. We want our customers to know they can rely on us, and consistency is a big part of that. We maintain a standard of materials, construction, packaging and customer service to ensure that every aspect of our business is dependable.

We find beauty in both raw materials (like leather, wood and metal), as well as in refined designs. We work to find that balance between beauty, purpose and quality. To us, a beautiful product fulfills a need, but in a way that visually enhances your everyday life.
That’s a little bit about us. Take a look around our site and try out some of our beautiful and functional everyday essentials. We’d love to hear what you think!
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