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I'm with Elite Marketing & TNF Marketing! We represent many different companies, from McDonald's to Walmart!

We post company ads on Facebook & Google, similar to what you already see on FB! However those companies are doing this without your permission & without paying you. With us, we get your permission, we send you 1 piece of equipment & we pay you!

Just for setting up, the company will pay you $50. Then, every month you keep the box hooked up in your home, the company will pay you $30 a month. & Thats all you have to do, ever! Let the box stay hooked up & you will receive a payment every month!

Now if you want to be both a Beta Tester & Beta Recruiter (which is what I do but is NOT required) the company will pay you WEEKLY: $40 for every person who signs under you! On top of that, they also pay you $100 extra for every group of 10 people you sign up in 1 week! (20 people= extra $200, etc...)

So- Beta Testers get paid monthly & Beta Recruiters get paid weekly. Again, I do both!

We pay through PayPal, which is a free app for your phone. But if you chose not to do this, we can pay in paper checks.

There are 5 requirements that must be met:
1. Your FB (& Google) account must be at least 1 yr old.
2. You need at least 100 friends on your FB.
3. You have to be in the USA.
4. You have to have a internet-wifi box in your home
5. You must do the app on a Computer or Laptop NOT A TABLET



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