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Dear Internet Marketers,

Hi this is Calvin. As you may know, lately I’ve been looking for a way to make more money from home. And I’m convinced I finally found the gold vein. Once I discovered this incredible System, I knew I needed to reach out and share the news with you.

It’s Amazing, But True! Our Proven New PTIW Money-Making System Lets You…
Get Paid Each Time Our Phone Rings!

It all began with an amazing secret my wife and I discovered back in 1988 that made us millionaires in a few short years…We called it “Dialing for Dollars”, because it was built around using a phone and answering machine (before voicemail) to take orders and make money. It was very simple. My wife and I started using this secret with a few hundred dollars.

In 5 Years, We Had Brought in Over $10,000,000…Since then, I’ve uncovered many ways to get rich with this original secret. And now I have the ultimate discovery for you! Please read this message and then let me rush you my FREE REPORT that gives you all the secrets. Do this now and you’ll discover my whole new way to make money with the original secret that made us millionaires. This new way to cash in with our original “Dialing for Dollars” secret has already paid out over $103 million dollars and it’s just getting started! In fact…

A growing number of individuals have made over $1 million.
Many more have made over $100,000 (This includes us!)
Hundreds have made over $10,000.
And 1000’s of people have already earned their first commission!

It’s important to understand that these top earners’ results are not typical, but they do help demonstrate what is possible IF you’re willing to follow the System and be committed to achieving success and not giving up. In fact, the revolutionary company behind our new discovery has paid commissions to over 3,500+ people from all over the world and all walks of life so far, including teachers, retired people, white collar, blue collar, former drug junkies, rock stars, truck drivers, high school dropouts, fast-food workers, stay at home moms, and many average people. That number is growing every month.

We want to add you to this growing list. A huge and growing number of folks are making big profits with the core System…and now we’re looking to create many more success stories with our new PTIW System.


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