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Depending on an IBO’s status and their membership level, various
income opportunities are available:
VIP Club Cards
The VIP Club Card is the ultimate lead generation and/or customer
appreciation tool. The card allows the holder to search hotels and
resorts worldwide at low members-only rates and save up to $200
versus popular online travel agent websites.
Incredibly, when a cardholder saves up to $200, the IBO who
distributed the card receives up to $100! Everyone wins with the
VIP Club Card program by GOODLIFE USA.
Monthly Residual Income (CV)
Our 2x20 Social Network compensation plan enables each IBO to
receive monthly residual income from their customers’ membership
fees each month, as well as from customers’ membership fees of
other IBOs in their social network.
Retail Bonuses
Retail Bonuses are paid to an IBO when they enroll a new
membership customer.
Quick Pay Bonuses
Quick Pay Bonuses are paid to an IBO when they enroll new
IBOs who combine their IBO status with a membership plan.
Achievement Awards & Leadership Rewards
These are ever-increasing rewards paid to IBOs who meet special
growth requirements with their social network and income.
Legacy Tree
The Legacy Tree is a company-wide “timestamped” bonus genealogy.
By meeting certain requirements an IBO may receive placement in
the Legacy Tree resulting in additional monthly residual income.

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