GREENWAY - together we will make our home cleaner and the our planet - happier..

Greenway presents a new technology of cleaning - AQUAMAGIC.
We are all different, but there are some things that unite us. The simple things we dream about:
beauty, health, cleanliness and comfort. How can we hold onto them? One of the easiest and
most versatile solutions is offered by Japanese scientists, who came up with a material possessing
a unique structure the AQUAmagic ultrathin dissected microfiber.
Today this effective, ecofriendly and economical technology is changing the world, and the lives of each one of us, for the better!
Here you will find the best products for people who have chosen a conscious ecological approach to their life!
Are you worried about the ecology the planet?
Switch to Greenway`s unique quality products!
Our products will cope with the strongest mud.
With them you can say goodbye to harmful chemicals.
They are delicate but effective.
We have differenet solutions for different tasks.
These products are durabla and simple to care for.
We have products for house cleaning, car washing, for face and body care, for children and sports.
These products will show high-quality results in any situation. They will make your home and car perfectly clean, skin and hair healthy, and training that more comfortable.

We are developing based on the biggest trend, which is ecology, we work with products that give immediate results and we have a ready work system that leads every person (even the one without experience) step by step.
Greenway is a phenomenon in the speed of development, promotion and opening new domestic markets.
In the third year of commercial activities our turnover has already exceeded EUR 140 million per year.

Greenway gives you simple tools to get big returns and a modern, adequate business plan!
Greenway gives you an opportunity to earn and be free.

Greenway line products:
AQUAmagic - microgiber products
AQUAmagic PLUSH - towels
AQUAmatic - cleaning devices
TEAVITAL - tea beverages
SHARME - dry cosmetics and creams
SHARME essentials - natural aromatic oils
HEALTHBERRY - instant drinks
BIOTRIM - cleaning products
IGEN - genetic tests

Now we operate in the Russian speaking countries and in the European Union.
Join me to build a huge international business.
We are at the very start.

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