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Why did I join Webtalk and why you should?

I was invited to join Webtalk a few weeks ago. Here's what I found: a social media platform that offers me more than Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram ever did.

The benefits of using this superior platform? It's a way to earn a passive income for doing what I do on social media already EXCEPT Webtalk offers ALL USERS a FREE Affiliate Cash Rewards Program called SocialCPX.

SocialCPX is a FREE Cash Rewards program, and that offers users the opportunity to earn a 10% revenue share from all transactions and 'exchanges' occurring on Webtalk, by any of their direct referrals.

Because Webtalk is an invitation-only network, it ensures everyone gets credited for the people they invite in the network and earn the corresponding commissions for LIFE. This keeps track of every user’s downline and all due commissions. You know I have sent out an invite to ALL of my contacts on every social media platform.

Only the first ONE million affiliates to qualify will be awarded the 5-level bonus commission plan FOR LIFE!
It is moving quickly upward in the Alexa Ranking (you can see that here:
I'm going to leave my invite here:
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