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Hello! I hope you and your family are well. As you know the New Year, is just around the cornor. , it is the perfect time to start your new business!!
Here are just 10 reasons to join Avon today:
1) Only $25 for everything you need to start your business
2) State of the Art training – at your convenience (I did mine at 1 a.m.)
3) FREE website for customers across the country to shop with you
4) No home parties (although you can if you want to)
5) No required inventory to keep (although you can if you like)
6) No sales quotas – Goals, but not Quotas (place any size order every 10 weeks and keep your account balance current to remain active)
7) Exciting incentives – cars, trips, etc.
8) Become your own boss
9) Work on your schedule – When YOU want. Where YOU want, and How YOU want
10) Earn up to 1,000 In the first 90 days!!

What is holding you back from starting your own business? If you need help getting started or not sure how well you will do, please contact me. There are opportunities available to help you get started or to test the business before you join.
Still not sure if Avon is right for you? Check out this YouTube video that tells all about the Avon Opportunity:
To join now simply follow this link:
reference code: cwhitson
Charolett Whitson

United States
Avon  Charolett Whitson
Avon is a unique Business Opportunity , it gives those with Children a option and earn a income for their families. and enter reference code cwhitson

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