King Ice - Products have appeared in featured films, like Will Smith in “Suicide Squad" etc.

Having worked with hip hop and rap royalty like Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Snoop Dogg and Rae Sremmurd, King Ice remains the largest and most influential hip hop jewelry maker on the Web. Based out of Los Angeles and founded in 2005, King Ice products have appeared in featured films, like Will Smith in “Suicide Squad", music videos, like Katie Perry's "Dark Horse" and Chris Brown’s “Autumn Leaves,” within popular magazines like “ESPN,” featured on television broadcasts like Fox's "Empire," “The X-Factor” and Fox's "Empire," and even with collaborations alongside major film companies like 20th Century Fox, Marvel, and Warner Bros for Fantastic Beasts and Suicide Squad.

The King Ice Quality

King Ice creates its hip hop chains, pendants, bracelets and earrings using the most cutting-edge technology in the industry to create hip hop jewelry that captures the spirit of the music we listen to and love. Our products come dipped 5 times in 14K or 18K gold or rhodium plating to prevent tarnishing, while our .925 sterling silver necklaces and pendants provide style--and quality—you can trust. With pendants and chains using hand-set CZ stones that come placed along a micro pave setting, and earrings using real diamonds, our products include the highest quality of materials.

Our hip hop pendants, meanwhile, go through months of revisions and planning before ever reaching your doorstep. And all of our pendants forgo the use of traditional mold-based castings to redefine the standards of jewelry making, a standard that grants higher-quality jewelry with more intricate designs. Some jewelry manufacturers look to follow the standards, but at King Ice, we aim to define the standards of jewelry making.

From Jesus Pieces to Buddha Pendants, King Ice's staple of men's hip hop jewelry comes fitted with solid 18K gold, lined with real SI-1/SI-2 clarity diamonds and built made-to-order. These pendants look to carry King Ice's tradition of fusing creativity with quality to create a line of products that demonstrate their hip-hop roots. Unlike traditional jewelry pieces, these 18K and Diamond pieces provide a high-end, authentic hip hop look.

The King Ice Quality

Compared to 14K gold, solid 18K provides added vividness and value, and now, King Ice re-imagines some of its most popular men's hip hop pendants to create authentic hip hop jewelry. Each pendant uses solid 18K gold that grants a purity level of 75% compared to the meager 58% found in solid 14K gold. Meanwhile, each diamond maintains a clarity level of an SI-1/SI-2 with a color quality of a G/H.
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