Kings Bottle - Premium Wine Coolers and Beverage Refrigerators Expert!

Premium Wine Coolers and Beverage Refrigerators Expert!

Refrigeration Reimagined

Over ten years ago, KingsBottle began to reimagine the possibilities of the refrigerated wine cellar. Taking into account carefully considered suggestions regarding desired features, materials, design aspects, and performance levels, we set out to create a line of fridges and coolers that would not only be state-of-the-art, but serve as works of art themselves.

Thorough research, thoughtful redesign, and improved manufacturing processes have all contributed to our latest KingsBottle Series refrigerated wine cellar, which combines the industry’s most sought-after features into a single unit for an experience that no other brand can offer.

Now Servicing the American Market

Throughout the years, KingsBottle has become synonymous with reliability, quality, and value throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia—which is why we’re proud to introduce our brand to the United States.

We are thrilled to service the American market, where we are confident that the same attention to detail and desire for customer satisfaction that has made us successful around the world will make KingsBottle USA your go-to brand for beautifully designed, high-quality beverage refrigerators.

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