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If knowledge is power, then learn something new every day. After a year, you will have more power! In this ad I’m just interested in individuals that want to learn something new or something you don’t know much of and that is called Forex Trading. Watch the video that generally explains what is Forex? Then you can visit our site if this is something you would like to learn for some day use real money when you have done well with your demo account, so it is risk free until you decide to invest in a real account. Rest assure, you set the time that you find reasonable after learning how to trade successfully with a demo account. We provide sound courses and tested ourselves the teaching material from UDEMY. You can have a preview of those teaching in udemy’s website. Please contact me if you want to learn forex trading. The total cost of all courses can be under $250.00 when special sales occur.
David Girouard
1360 Labrie Ave
Ottawa ON K1B 3M1
F0REX David Girouard
If you can't make money with $100 in Forex trading... You won't make money with $1000 so money management is Key to success here keep it in mind.
Email me for more info or getting in touch with me by phone when I'm available. Live your dream don't live in a dream!.
Cheers David !

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