Picture of dried flowers, Leaves, Pressed flowers, Flower fantasy

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Picture of dried flowers, Leaves, Pressed flowers, Flower fantasy, Dried flowers, Rose, Fern, Pink flowers, Pressed flower art, Framed wall art.

Materials: ipomoea quamoclit, fern, rose, leaf of carrot and other pressed plants, special protective spray, heavyweight archival quality paper.

Ipomoea quamoclit is a species of vine in the genus Ipomoea native to tropical regions of the New World and naturalized elsewhere in the tropics.

I use flowers from my garden. All the elements are assembled by hand and are unique. Each floral petal is stored under the press at least one month.

Avoid direct sunlight!
I use dried flowers in a natural form without additional coloring for a making pictures. Pressed flowers should be protected from direct sunlight and must be protected by glass to prevent fading.

I cover plants with a special protective spray. Spray strengthens surface of plants, but can not completely protect against fading. Usually pressed flowers can maintain their natural color for a long time, but some minor fading is inevitable. Individual petals may begin to fade earlier, while others may last longer.

Pretty interesting to look at, pictures made of pressed flowers is an unusual form of art. If you love nature you will definitely enjoy having these on your walls. They will match with the interior of your place. These pictures will most certainly make you feel better when you look at them.

The image on the monitor may differ slightly from the original.

Select a frame from the drop-down menu.

If you want to buy a picture without frame, select the option: without frame.
Size of picture without frame is 8,26x11,69 in (210x297 mm).

If you want to buy a picture with brown frame, select the option: with brown frame (first image).

If you want to buy a picture with beige frame, select the option: with beige frame (second image).

1. Brown frame.
Frame material: high quality MDF.
Frame color: Italian walnut.
This is a massive frame. Weight of a picture with a frame: 1.03 kg.
It has a rich look and is perfect for a gift.
Size of picture with brown frame is 10,70x14,17 in (272x360 mm).

2. Beige frame.
Frame material: high quality plastic (imitation wood).
It has a good appearance and is suitable for a gift.
Size of picture with beige frame is 9,84x13,30 in (250x338 mm).

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Irina Pospelova

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 Irina Pospelova
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I am the owner and designer in the art of dried flowers and printing. I make unique compositions of dried flower petals, leaves and grass.
Pressed flower pictures - a kind of flower arranging, the art of creating paintings from dried under the pressure of natural materials: flower petals, green and yellow leaves, stems and grass seed.

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