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PIUNI Technology

It is a Brand that has the interest of millions of people who spend money on certain things at heart ,to create Financial abundance.
We have structured our system to pay our Affiliates in 9 Ways.
But the good part of it is that it's not the end.
Honestly this is a future with endless possibilities.�

We have also built a business...... and businesses exist only when value is exchanged.
We understand that in the near future so many Affiliates(Stakeholders) would worth millions of dollars , so we need to structure our business in defense of all Affiliates.
The various Portals created for online transactions is a proof that Piuni is a business that is centred strictly on lifestyle activities (things that you and I cannot do without).
This is another strong proof that Piuni is not a Ponzi based system but built on real proven Business principles.
Here's the selling point:

Get a white paper. Then list the common expenses you do daily.
I'm sure these are the key lists ;

� Airtime

� Data

� DSTV or Cable

� Power

� Transportation

� Food(feeding)

Get the daily cost and then multiply that by 7 days then multiply by 30 days (1month).
Then finally get it down to 1year.Hmmm�
�If I show you a Technology System where for all these expenses you do daily gives you an amount as commission and this commission is paid back to you on each of these systems ; will you take it or will you rather wish to continue with your old way of Multiple Streams of Expenses?
Of course you know the answer to that. We just made spending fun.
�If it will cost you just $547 (N238,140) you to make at least 1-5% of every of your spending weekly for the rest of your life, I think that sounds reasonable.

Well, for clarity on what it feels like to earn from volumes of activities on the internet,I'll advise you click on this link www.internetlivestats.com and just have a look....you're denying yourself a lot without even knowing it�
�Again,What if you join us to help some people who have this same problem with the solution of Spend money Make Money? (that's the big one).
Imagine earning percentages from all your friends expenses who spends daily? How does that sound too? Well this is very optional and you mustn't do it.
My key purpose is to help you cut cost and enjoy spending.
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