Points.com - World’s leading loyalty program management site for airline, hotel, retail, etc.

Points.com helps the world's leading loyalty brands engage their members in entirely new ways - both on Points.com and through their own loyalty program websites.

Points.com is the world’s leading loyalty program management site, helping users get more flexibility and value from their airline, hotel, retail, and credit-card loyalty programs.

Users can:

Join for free
Track all their loyalty balances in one place
Earn points and miles faster, and redeem for gift cards
Exchange and trade loyalty currencies between programs
Buy points and miles to reach loyalty rewards faster
Points.com is proud partners with more than 45 of the world’s leading loyalty brands, including Air France KLM, Hyatt, Virgin America, Jet Blue, Alaska Airlines, US Airways, IHG, Starwood Hotels, Southwest Airlines, and many more!

One place. One password. All your programs.
The average loyalty member belongs to 13 different programs* — and that means 13 sets of usernames and passwords to remember, and logging in to 13 different websites to keep tabs on your earnings. The Points Loyalty Wallet makes loyalty management easy, showing you all of your balances at a glance, with a single login.

Why use Track?

Real-time updates,
every time you sign in

Bank-level security keeps your information safe

Take your wallet anywhere on your phone or tablet
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