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RVT.com is a division of Natco Trading Corporation, a privately held company founded in 1997 as an online marketplace for RV Buyers, Sellers, Dealers, Manufacturers and Suppliers. Today we are North America’s leader in online RV classifieds and digital display and banner advertising. The company's roots are deep in the RV Industry and lifestyle. Rodney Friesen, the founder and Senior Director of RVT.com, has operated a successful RV dealership since 1984, and been an avid RVer for well over 30 years. This experience has provided the context in which to create an online platform that truly works for connecting RV Dealers, private Sellers, RV Consumers and the RV Industry.

As print advertising has become less and less affordable, and as its effectiveness has dwindled, the online classifieds and digital advertising business is growing daily. Millions of RV shoppers - primarily in the USA and Canada - have come to know RVT.com as the best selection of RVs when shopping for a new or used RV for Sale. Also, over 850 RV dealers and thousands of private party sellers, use RVT.com to Sell their RV(s) and/or advertise their companies. RV Manufacturers and Suppliers have also found RVT.com a viable form of media for advertising their products and services to in-market RV consumers.


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