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Appi Travels is a very exclusive combined travel membership and also MLM Network Affilliate Marketing Business Platform (Multi level Marketing).

They offer incredible deals on amazing dream vacations literally all over over the world, including luxury cruises.
We have a web page containing a short 3-minute presentation that tells all..
If it's not for you, maybe you know someone who likes taking vacations and would welcome the opportunity to holiday more and pay less,

So far at the time of this advert being posted there are approx 98,000 affilliate members worlwide in appi travels - the company itself is now in its 2nd year which in busness terms as far as I know is actually very good.
First year of trading appi travels paid out approx 30 million usd and in this last year they've paid out over 60 million usd in commisions to qualified affilliates.

James Wilks

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