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Instant PayPal Club is a very simple money making system that earns you multiple $47 payments throughout the day. To start, there is a one time $47 joining fee. You never have to pay anything else again. Once you have joined Instant PayPal Club, you can start receiving $47 payments immediately if you follow simple steps from your members area! It’s so easy. There are no offers to complete like a lot of other companies. Everything is totally safe and secure because it goes through PayPal.


- The Unemployed
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You will be posting pre-written ads that I personally provide in different Facebook groups, you will send out requested information that I personally provide, you will sign people up, and you will get paid instantly and directly to your PayPal account. I personally provide everything that is needed to make money with this daily. I have personally been doing this for over 3 years now and I'm making my money back within an hour after joining. I provide full training and support. I also help you talk to prospects so you do not lose!
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