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rodney thomas

Chateauguay QC
 rodney thomas
“The Principles of Service” “Anybody in leadership must still practice servitude. And, anybody who leads and doesn't serve won't last long!” –TD Jakes

Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or pastor, it is essential that you understand the importance of having a servant's heart. So many leaders today fail to realize one of the most influential ways to lead by example is to serve those in subordinate positions. Those “beneath” you are looking to you to demonstrate leadership prowess. If your intent is to serve, you will become a leader.

I want to have:
-the mind of a PROTÉGÉ. (always learning)
-the mouth of a MENTOR. (always speaking as a leader)
-the hands of a SERVANT. (always meeting the needs of others)
-the heart of a WARRIOR. (always prepared for battle for this life is a fight)

Network Marketer:

Started in 2006 to gain extra income and at the same time connect with like minded individuals whose goal is simply to offer great services that the masses may not know about. With that I have connected into partnerships with several companies to help spread the word about their services and products. They include:

If your intent is to be a leader without serving, you will be a slave all of your life. So, how may I serve you today? All are welcome to reach out to me!

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