Would You Like To Save Up To 45% On Your Electric Bill?

Claymont, DE 19703
United States

The GenEnergy + device can do just that. The GenEnergy will optimize electrical systems in residential homes and commercial businesses and could produce a savings of up to 45% on Electric Bills. So this device will easily pay for itself time and time again. GenEnergy is an energy-saving device designed to optimize electrical motors and reduce amperage and heat generation which results in lower consumption of electricity.

It was also designed to recycle the unused or wasted electricity in your current electrical system. Therefore, reducing energy consumption, and lowering the amount of electricity your utility provider needs to produce.

Plus has a built-in whole house surge protector. A Lifetime surge protector. Of course, nothing can protect you from a direct lightning strike, but most of the time, a surge caused by a lightning strike is from a strike a few miles away.

It can easily be installed by a licensed electrician. And start saving you and protecting your house that day. Read More by clicking the link below.
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