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B&B Interior Decorators - Studio Deco

Studio Deco - The GlenScott Partnership
Sandbach Road Wall Hill
Congleton, CHS CW12 4TE
United Kingdom

08:00 - 18:00

Do you have an independent Hospitality Property, a Hotel, Retreat, Inn, Bed & Breakfast or Rented Apartment/Condo ?

Do you believe that updating the look and feel of your establishment is important, to keep up with current aesthetic styles, demands in amenities and the overall expectations of your guests?

Are you seeking to improve interior attractiveness to rooms, common areas, the dining room(s), spa/gym/activities centre, front desk area, lobby, outside areas such as lounging patio(s) and more?

Design, Decorating & Maintenance are crucial in ensuring your Hospitality Property is attractive and gaining you maximum return on your investment, and that is where Studio Deco comes in.  We do jobs such as:

Rooms/Common Public Areas/Working Areas/Outside Areas
• Updating (replacing, adding or removing furniture and decorative items, to maximise beauty and warmth of rooms
• Updating bedding, shams, pillows, drapes if necessary to offer top notch freshness and cleanliness
• Designing within the theme of the business, e.g. modern shades, traditional, nautical, cottage-style, etc.
• Sourcing of products such as beds, chairs, tables, kitchen equipment, etc.
• Planned painting & decorating of all areas to minimise disruption
• Regular and on-going maintenance
• Landscaping and maintenance of gardens
all amount to your Hospitality Property standing out in this saturated market and, therefore, your important client base returning time and time again.  After all, first impressions count for so much!

Have you got the time to do all of these jobs whilst managing the day-to-day running of your Hospitality Property ?

Studio Deco work with you to ensure your jobs are done to your satisfaction and the standards you strive for.  This guarantees:-
• minimising loss of revenue whilst the work is done
• increase in revenue through your occupancy rates
• effective "word of mouth" marketing by your guests
• etc., etc.
We operate within the segments below:-
• B&Bs/Guest Houses
• Small Hotels
• Rented Homes/Condos
• Inns
• Retreats
• Rented Properties
We are the only global specialised decorating company who can offer you all of this ..... plus our special touch.  Let us help you do what is necessary to ensure your fullest capacity possible and bring your guests back again and again!

Call us now on 07834 525 165 or eMail us on to discuss your specific requirements.

The Studio Deco Team
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