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Become member of the largest shopping community and benefit for every purchase!

We all spend money every day, like it or not. It's about a free card that gives us cashback on our bank accout and shopping points on every purchase. We are massive shopping community over 12 million members worldwide, and constantly growing, so the stores to attract us, are willing to give the best deals for the members. The Shopping points, we can use them in SP deals to have discount for 1SP=5-10 euros. And its completely free without obligations. You can register on the following link and you can download a free app where you can see all the stores in your area, you have electic form of your cashback card so you don't even need a plastic card, and you can reccomend free of charge to your family and friends so they can have money back on the money they anyway spend.

Here is the link

There are more than 70.000 online stores where you can have your benefits. The biggest ones: amazon, ebay, aliexpress, booking, airb&b,asos,hotels,american,qatar,turkish,hawaian and other airlines, and a lot lot more.Offline there are more than 130.000 merchants and half a million acceptance points.We operate in 51 countries so far.The company is founded in Austria in 2003,and now its rapidly growing, the community and the stores. This company is sponsor of Formula1, MotoGP, and have cooperations with hundrets of sport clubs, police and fire sindicats, banks. I can send you a link to see this cooperations. The vision is 1 billion members until 2025, and 4 billion shopping community who saves money on every purchase. And we can profit from all of this. To not forget, we can have cashback on EVERYTHING including electric power, water, and other bills. Last seminar was in Krakow with 15.000 people, two of them, of course with Eric Worre. Next one is in Germany with Tonny Robins, Eric Worre and Pitbull, with 65.000 people, the biggest business event in europe.
Darko Mitrevski

Hello, I am from Macedonia. Click on the link to grab your free cashback card, join the largest shopping community over 13.000.000 people all over the world and get cashback and other benefits for everyday purchases online and offline. Feel free to contact me on facebook for more info. Have a great day.

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