Chic HighFashion

Chic Boutique
Johannesburg , Gauteng
South Africa

We are an online boutique that caters for all women clothing and apparel.

You are welcome to order an item exactly as shoewn on our website, and we will get it manufactured exactly to your specifications. You can create your own clothing design completly.

We will give you a quotation based on the information you provide us. All sales exclude shipping, and we can assist to arrange courrier if need be.

We regret no Credit Card payments can be accepted yet ONLY deposit and EFT payment are available.
Chic HighFashion

Johannesburg  Gauteng
South Africa
Chic Boutique Chic HighFashion
Chic is a utopia online store in which every woman rediscover their power and prestige of sophistication in a dressing code.

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