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CPR & First Aid Training Southeast Texas

Po box 8144
Lumberton, TX 77657
United States

For more than a decade CPR & First Aid Training Southeast Texas© 2017-2018 has provided high quality training in and around the Golden Triangle. Classes are taught by authorized provider of CPR and ECC courses through the American Heart Association. Focus during each class is centered around the specific requirement, skill or need the individual, company or corporation.
CPR & FIRST AID TRAINING SETX provides skilled instructions for emergency situations. We center our classes around the needs of the individuals personally. Rather a general black and white approach our experience allows focus to remain on actual situations one might encounter at the facility they're working in. Through feedback of attendees we remain confident in our ability to provide excellent basic life support, CPR and first aid knowledge as well as informative AED training. The delivery of CPR training material will remain driven by genuine passion for the preservation of life during a cardiac arrest. Please remember when choosing where to certify that it truly matters how CPR training is provided, understood because if ever implemented skills must be recalled quickly.
Training is thoroughly provided in a time efficient manner to accommodate work schedules.
The instructing approach is designed to provide quick reactions, without hesitation, for the most common instances specif to the line of work of that group. This format promotes an improved outcome during a crisis, when there is no time to second guess.
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