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Who we are.

The mission of is to enable entrepreneurship. To achieve this goal, we provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a turnkey solution to their own e-commerce store.
It is estimated that e-commerce will have a 17.5% share of the global retail space by 2021. In 2017 alone, 1.66 billion people used e-commerce sites to purchase goods to the value of $2.3 Trillion, and e-retail sales grew by almost 25%.
These statistics and trends clearly show the strong positive impacts of technology on consumer behaviour and market growth in the e-commerce sector. create and provide a wide range of solutions to allow you to access this growth, at a very competitive price. We have already identified and created various CyberReadyStores, focusing on specific niche markets. Custom stores are also created for our partners and affiliate programmes are offered.
The online CyberReadyStores already established are pre-loaded with a minimum of 100 products. More products can be loaded through the access that is granted to these suppliers in order to further drive the growth of your business. Each CyberReadyStore is Google-indexed and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ready. Marketing assistance and training is provided as value0added services.
A further benefit of this route is the simplicity of entering the growing e-commerce market, even with no prior experience. As with any business, it is up to you how much time and energy you want to invest in your venture. Will it be something you do on the side or make a full-time endeavour?
Contact us now for a complementary consultation, where ways in which we can assist you become an e-commerce entrepreneur will be explored.

CyberReadyStore Features.

All our CyberReadyStores offer the following Features:
Flexible site design – Change your layout or theme, update pictures, customise information and more with just a few clicks.
Built in SEO Marketing – Your CyberReadyStore is built with SEO friendly pages, layouts and designs that automatically indexed with google.
Your Payment Gateway – You handle all your own payments, and stay in control of your profit margins and cash flow.
3 Click Ordering – CyberReadyStores is 95% automated. Execute incoming orders with 3 easy clicks.
Add More Products – Use our bulk importer to add more products to your store, all with images, titles and descriptions.
Conversion – Increase your conversions with built in features like Abandoned Cart Recovery, Discount Codes, Product Reviews, Subscriber Lists, Social Media Integration, and much more.
Product Management - Great product management features including auto stock control, auto pricing markup, discount stickers, auto stock, price updating hourly, and multi category classification.
Other Store Features - Our sites are built cross device ready , Google Analytics built in, Professional SEO Articles included, multiple payment types, inbuilt sales and traffic monitoring dashboard, simply menu driven and still HTML accessible.
Our Guarantee - We do what we promise. For a Ready Made Store delivery is 24 Hours or 7 days for a Custom Store. 100 Products minimum, Google Indexed, SEO Articles, fully portable store with no monthly fees and 30 days Unlimited Support, Guaranteed.


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