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Have a family and friend experience in one of the fun adventure stories that can help inspire any age.
Parents, Grand parents, teens, adults and children you will gain a knowledge of entertainment that can help you grow and learn, while having an adventure that is like a movie.
Watch your child smile, and laugh, while watching the full color pictures, as you read the animal facts from a-z in this phonics, educational book. "ABC 123 Color Animal Book; Book 1; at the forest, Book 2; at the farm not done with this book 2 yet. You can email the author for a free text sample of book 2.

Have a fabulous family and friend time at the beach. Imagine your family experiencing the same experiences, as your child learns to share their treasures. Your family having a fun time in the sand and under the ocean in a submarine. Your children and teen can learn about safety and how to protect others from water animals. Full color illustration book. "Little Boys Beach Adventures book 1; Treasure Hunt & Magical Ocean Adventure." This book is a series. Book 2 is not written yet. Feel free to email the author for a free sample of book 2 after she gets it written.

Grab your siblings, family or even your friends and go on a paranormal adventure through ghost towns. Learn how to help others and help solve a ghost mystery. Your children and teens will learn to have courage to face his or her fears. Danger approaches with the deadly mystical creatures will make you deadly sick. Help solve clues and a mystery to help save your buddies life. Enter our Ghost Towns if you DARE! Where always glad to have anyone come and visit. Wonderful story for anyone with trap doors, caves, paranormal and more. In full color on the chapter heading. "Boys Adventure Through The Wild West; Ghost Town Adventures."

All books out on paper back and on E-book

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