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Laughz and Lyrics

Zen Ase Poetry
Houston, TX
United States

Zen Ase Poetry is a Houston based company that is about promoting art of all kinds (clothing, jewelry, poetry, rap, singing, instrumentals, visual artwork, and comedy). ZAP seeks to provide a platform for artists to hone their crafts, receive encouragement and network. For the larger community, the show Laughz and Lyrics is about de-stressing, coming out to enjoy food, drinks, fellowship and art in a setting where everyone is welcome. Young and old, all races, all socio- ethnic backgrounds, all religions. Come out to a show. Find your Zen.

For those out of towners, the show is live streamed and thus is global; gift certificates are available to bestow on family and friends in the Houston area, and we are looking for sponsors.
Tickets are now available for upcoming February shows. Contact me for more details.
Open Sundays
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