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You can be a FREE associate with CTFO and still make money. You just won’t earn throughout the whole Hybrid Compensation plan and take advantage of the copyrighted portions of it. If you want to maximize the Compensation Plan DO THE FOLLOWING!!!!
I am looking for Serious people that want to have there own business or use product. If you do not want to use CBD products or promote them Do Not Sign Up. Fellow the steps. Don’t make this hard. All you need to do is find 6 people on this planet 🧐🤔. It’s $47.47 folks.
———-The Power of 6———-
I just want to let everyone know reading this that I can help you make a minimum of $500. Every Wednesday Pay Day. It’s simple look.
Follow the EXACT thing I have been teaching all along.
1) You need to get your minimum product of $47.47 and put it on Auto Ship. PERIOD
2) Find 6 others who can afford that amount ($47.47) get them on Auto Ship. With this method your Auto Ship is paid for out of commissions.
***3) This is key, in order for this to work EVERYONE must get 6 that understands these 2 prior steps. If you can find (6) people on Planet Earth that can afford $47.47, you will see residual checks you can’t imagine.
If you are interested, just let me know. But it’s really nothing else to say or do. If you want CTFO to work, this is EXACTLY what to do. You have to work your business it does not work if your not doing anything.
I know we are all busy and want money, but why not get these residual deposits while we are being busy? LIFE CHANGING weekly income that will make you reach your vision and goals ** For less than a family of 4 going out to the movies and dinner, you can have a business that pays you beyond what you can imagine. **
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