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Love is Patient

Felicia Writes Books
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Love Is Patient invites you into the shoes of the main character Tykill Harrison from a young boy to an old man. Orphaned after his mother overdoses, Tykill finds himself at the mercy of strangers that saw him as a means to feed their sexual desires and greed. Rescued by a stranger who cared enough to care. Comforted by stranger who understood what it was like to be him. Finding himself in the position of the stranger to a little girl in need of one. A position he spent his adult life trying to avoid for fear of which stranger he would be.

Unsure whether what they say is true, that he will end up abusing her because he himself was abused. Or what she said was true, that one has nothing to do with the other. Sure that he couldn't leave her there to share his nightmares he decided to be the stranger in her life while dealing with the memories of the strangers in his.

In Love is Patient we see Tykill's fear that what they said might be true. His hope of what she said being true. His understanding of why the first requirement of love is patience. His realization of why he understood it as his life processes.

Although Love Is Patient is a fictional tale, Tykill comes face to face with some very nonfictional topics. Is he destined to become his abuser because he was abused? Is there a difference between a body and a person? Is love an attraction or an action? Does a soul mate have an age? Who is right? Them or her? What type of stranger is he?
Felicia Murphy
3823 Pascal Avenue FL 2
Curtis Bay MD 21226
United States
Felicia Writes Books Felicia Murphy
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My journey to becoming an author was truly a shock to the system. I never had a thought or desire to write a book however since the age of 4 I have loved the written word.

My journey to becoming an author started in the most simplest of ways. Though the touch of a toddler. Allow me to explain.

One day I was eating lunch with my CEO. He likes this particular Mexican Café and we went one a week for about two years. He sits at the same table each time and of course I’m sitting across the table from him.
It was our “personal time” in which we talked about any and everything that came to his mind. Normally giving my thoughts and reactions to whatever topic he selected. This particular day a lady, her pre-teen child and toddler was sitting at the table to the left of us. As usual I went to sit in my regular seat. On this day however, as I sat down, the toddler reached back and grabbed my finger. The reaction of the other customers, and the mother and sibling, was of shock. I guess the child never did that before. Yet to me it was a normal occurrence. Babies normally reach out to me, so to the two of us it was normal.

However, I couldn’t eat by burrito with one hand. I motioned to release it and she placed a vice grip on it. It took me about a minute to convince her that I needed my hand before she released it. I ate and went on with the normal routine of our lunch. Went back to work and everything was just normal. Then I went to sleep and Tykill and Mya, my characters from Love is Patient, decided to make themselves known. And I do mean known. They literally invaded my life.

All my mind could focus on was them for the next few weeks. Eating. They were there. Driving. There too. Even on the phone and at my desk. It was so overpowering I started to write out their story just to get it out of my head. Surprisingly it turned into a novel. My first novel. Love is Patient.

The intent was to just have it cleared from my spirit. Yet I discovered that it wasn’t to end with just writing it. It had to be published. I knew nothing about this world and started to research and reach out to those that do. It ended with it being a finished product in my hand. Then the next group of people, the characters in the next books, started the same way as those of Tykill and Mya started.

I discovered and realized that somehow, some way, that touched from a toddler opened a gate within me in which these people were able to speak their words. Their lives. Express their truths. They just needed someone to type the words and get it to the world. That I feel is way my life’s journey has become that of an author. I hope I am doing justice to them and those like them. I hope these books are used for healing and awareness, I hope this book is the touch of a toddler to someone else. I hope that this book can reach whoever it is meant to reach - and help guide them. More, I hope this book touches you in the same way that sweet child touched me.

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