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Private Online Tutoring Services

Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center
Houston, TX
United States

Monday-Friday: 10:00AM-8:00PM and Saturday: 10:30AM-3:00PM

Looking for an Experienced Tutor?

Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center is family oriented and student focused; we support persons in fulfilling their greatest individual and academic potentials.

Levy's Tutorial provides online tutoring in English, in reading comprehension and in math to students in grades 3-9. Also, the business provides students with assistance in "homework", in our online session known as "Homework Time".

In addition, Levy's Tutorial and Enrichment Center's enrichment session provides tutoring in English and in math to adults of all ages.

The tutoring staff are degreed educators with teaching certifications, professionals with dual degrees, educators who currently teach in public schools and have STAAR/TEKS and STEM experience(s), and educators who teach at colleges/universities.

Discover for yourself the benefits of learning with “experienced, certified, and knowledgeable” online tutors one-on-one. We are a tutoring service that “keeps” the student “first” and that helps students to excel in learning and to succeed in life. We are here to serve you in your learning needs.

Contact us and book a session to take advantage of a trial tutoring lesson. Discounts are available.
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