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Great company to be a part of,

     I just wanted to share this because people are always looking for legit online jobs and not be scamed. To start, you must have a Bachelor's degree to apply.  If you have that then you can apply and you "DO NOT" need a special teaching certificate or degree for this job.  You just tell them your experience of teaching kids no matter what it is.  They want at least 1 years of experience such as tutoring or mentoring kids after school, YMCA. College or church.  Any experience is valud and they do not need any documentation about your experience just your Bachelor's degree.  I started working at VIPKid and its a job that you teach Chinese children English.  Everything is done online and you are an independent contractor.  If you are interested let me know and I will help you get though the process and hired.  You can email me at
and I will help you with the hiring process.  You can use my link below and your on your way to a new side job or your main source of income.  Good Luck!!!!
Raquel Kuilan

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