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Lynn Herkes
PO Box 383656
Waikoloa HI 96738
United States
WOWSuccessTeam Lynn Herkes
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Who Are We?
We are Lynn and Bob Herkes. We started this company to provide small business owners like ourselves great technical and business solutions at reasonable prices with excellent customer service. Together, we have over 80 years in customer service and 40 years in technology and business solutions as well as wide and varied marketing experience in many, many industries ranging from hospitality, sports and recreation, construction, real estate, engineering, and travel, just to name a few. Lynn Herkes is a best selling international author, website designer, video marketer, and social media expert. Bob Herkes is a published photographer, customer service specialist, and food and beverage management expert.

Why Choose Us?
Too many times in our previous careers and in our previous businesses, we were unhappy with the prices, the quality, and the customer service. These obstacles make it difficult to successfully run a small business, especially in the marketing arena. There are so many marketers out there who are looking to make a killing on your small business. But what you really need is someone who will listen to what your really want, understand what you really need, and provide it at a price that you can afford. We really are here to help your business succeed and we love doing what we do.

Featured Listings
WOWSuccessTeam - GoDaddy Pro Website Designer
Sheridan, WY
WOWSuccessTeam is a GoDaddy Pro Website Designer. We specialize in customized, full-service website design, hosting, and support for small business success.
Waikoloa, HI
WOWSuccessTeam helps you tackle your marketing challenges. We offer website design and maintenance, social media setup and management, and video marketing.
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