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Feeling the Zeal difference means different things to different people.

But now a clinical study backs up that there definitely is a Zeal difference. Recent clinical trial results from independent third-party research firm KGK Synergize* confirm that the positive benefits of drinking Zeal include improved mood, stronger vigor and vitality, and less anxiety and fatigue. Under the highest scientific standards, the study was conducted on healthy and active people not trying to improve mood or enhance their current health. Yet, after just 28 days of drinking Zeal twice a day, 85% felt better. The difference was significant.

Zeal has a positive impact on improving overall POMS (TMD) scores and the subsets relating to Anger and Hostility. These effects were statistically significant when comparing the results of two doses per day to placebos over a 28 day period.
2-dose Zeal improved the POMS Iceberg profile that measures subsets of POMS relating the Vigor and Vitality, with a significant within-group increase in Vigor and Activity. These improvements were associated with significant decreases (improvements) within the 2-dose group in the POMS subdomains of Tension and Anxiety, Despondency and Dejection, Anger and Hostility, Fatigue and Inertia, Confusion and Bewilderment.
While there were significant improvements in most areas measured for both 2-dose and 1-dose Zeal, only improvements in Total Mood Disturbance and the subdomain of Anger and Hostility associated with 2-dose Zeal resulted in statistically significant changes compared to the placebo groups.
That said, the overall conclusions of the investigators were that Zeal makes a positive impact on multiple parameters of mood state in healthy individuals who are moderately stressed.
Furthermore, Zurvita offers generous compensation plan to those who are interested to join as a consultant. When you see the results taking ZEAL, you will have your own testimony to tell, so being a consultant will be natural to you plus you will earn extra income. When my wife and I started using ZEAL, we have more energy, mental clarity and focus, less stress and anxiety, no more unhealthy cravings and so on. We feel great! We hope you experience it too.
Be in charge with your health. BE HEALTHY AND BE WEALTHY.

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