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In recent years the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has toughened its stance on immigration through its introduction of the Points Based System (PBS). Annual limits have also now been imposed on non-EEA and Swiss economic migration.

B P Collins LLP has a dedicated business immigration group, each of whom are members of the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association (ILPA) and are experienced members of our employment practice group.

Those who have been resident for a shorter period of time will be eligible to apply for “pre-settled status”. This is a time-limited right to live and work in the UK which can later be “upgraded” by the EU citizen into full settled status once they have been resident for a five year total continuous period.

B P Collins can assist you and your employees to secure settled or pre-settled status, including visiting your workplace to deliver training seminars on how to apply. Training includes one-to-one advice meetings with your employees to address their specific concerns.

If you or your employees have any immigration concerns, please contact Chris Brazier on 01753 279029 or email brexit@bpcollins.co.uk.

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