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Breaking The Barriers

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Do you often feel like life puts up one barrier after another to success? You’re not wrong; life is full of obstacles. But if you treat your obstacles as challenges to be overcome, you can achieve the same kind of astounding success as Robert Abbott. Read on, and you’ll see why your obstacles can’t be much tougher than his.

Robert Abbot was born during the post-Civil War Reconstruction era, to parents who had once been slaves. They instilled the desire for a better life in their son, and he sought to make the most of it, becoming a skilled printer and earning a degree at Virginia’s Hampton Institute. But racial discrimination was very prevalent in those days, especially in the South, and Abbot couldn’t find work in his chosen trade. So he moved to Chicago and worked odd jobs to put himself through the Kent College of Law. Abbott completed his degree but found no one willing to hire him.

So he continued working odd jobs until he saved up the money to print his own paper. He found a niche and made it work, going from the sole employee of an unknown weekly to achieving a circulation of over 100,000 and becoming one of the country’s first African-American millionaires.

If you’ve been struggling in life and have found one barrier after another in the way of your goals, here’s your chance to break through those barriers and achieve the kind of success you deserve! Take a look at the awesome business opportunity at and you’ll see what I mean.

Yes, the economy is in shambles and doesn’t look to recover anytime soon, but if you have the drive and initiative to seize your moment, you can achieve financial prosperity in any kind of business climate! Once you’ve visited , contact me and let me help you get started making money today!

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