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Dr Nicole Yap is one of the leading Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon in Melbourne Australia whose interest is in Breast Oncoplastics. Dr Yap provides bespoke breast care and complete skin and breast oncoplastic surgery in Melbourne.

Some of the services include breast reconstructive surgery and breast aesthetic surgery such as breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction surgery, breast lift or mastopexy, autologous fat grafting surgery, nipple areolar surgery, gnaecomastia treatment and surgery, breast prosthetic reconstruction, autologous breast reconstruction, breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy, nipple aerola reconstruction surgery, breast cancer treatment, breast hormone therapy and treatment, axillary lymph node assessment, breast lumps treatment, breast pain treatment, and many more.
If you need any of the following, contact Dr Nicole Yap now:
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Dr Nicole Yap. Level 4, Suite 8/55 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia. 03 9041 8445
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