Farm fresh full-spectrum CBD oil
Victoria, BC

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Our Kentucky-grown, farm fresh full-spectrum CBD oil is naturally rich in terpenes,
Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 Essential Fatty Acids.

538.50mg CBD per 1-ounce bottle
0.047% THC by weight
Approximately 900 drops per 1-ounce bottle
0.599mg of CBD per drop
Full Spectrum Whole Plant
High Absorption Sublingual Delivery System
Naturally Rich in Phytocannabinoids, Chlorophyll, and Terpenes

CBD oil is widely recognized as one of the most powerful plant-based

supplements in the world, supporting everything from pain relief

to stress response and sleep. Legally sourced from the hemp plant

and containing little to no THC, CBD brings you all the health benefits

of cannabis without the high. Working with our bodies’ natural cannabinoid

system, CBD positively affects over 350 different biological systems,

bringing the entire body into balance with little known side effects.

It’s no wonder it’s being called a miracle plant, helping the body support:

Stress response
Pain regulation
Immune system response
And much more!

The problem is that the CBD market is very crowded and completely unregulated.

Once the 2018 Farm Bill passed, making it legal to grow hemp in the United States,

a new industry was quickly created and there are essentially no rules in place

for the production and sale of CBD. The result is lot of ineffective, overpriced,

even dangerous CBD oils on the market and very little information to help

consumers navigate it. Studies show that almost 70% of CBD products do not

contain the amount of CBD listed on the label, and others contain hazardous levels

of pesticides and heavy metals.

The BEST CBD oil out there is the one that works, that’s organic and that can

be trusted. This is one of the highest-quality, most powerful and most effective

CBD oil on the market for a number of reasons:

Sourced from trusted farms and producers that is 100% organic.

Full-spectrum, meaning it contains the essence of the entire cannabis plant,

not just CBD extract, giving it additional health properties

Water soluble, making it 10x more absorbable than standard oils

(you WILL feel the difference!)

The quickest, most comprehensive and most effective health benefits compared

with other CBD oils.

Louis Hoolaeff HrHcACS
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