Fresh One Services

Fresh One Services
3091 W 39th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6N 2Z7

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Our team has the core competencies to deliver high-quality outcomes and outstanding customer service on a continuous and consistent basis. Our staff participate in WHMIS training but are also engaged in supplementary training programs that emphasize teamwork, customer service and communication, to deliver great services: House Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Building cleaning. Fresh One understands the importance of having a strong management team that emphasizes structured supervision and assistance to our employees that ensure the highest level of consistent quality control. Not only is professionalism bestowed in the quality outcomes we deliver, but we also ensure that our frontline personnel delivers a uniform package that is reflective of your operation. Teamwork, quality outcomes, and professional attitude are goals of Fresh One Services frontline personnel and management.
Phone : 7788671587
Fresh One Services Services

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