Halifax Real Estate with Jeremiah Wallace

1550 Bedford Hwy #600
Bedford, NS B4A 1E6

The Real Estate industry has undergone some major changes in the last few years. With the opening of the MLS (multiple listing service) to the public and the multitude of different real estate service offerings, it left the real estate professional wondering "where do I fit in? and how do I remain relevant in todays marketplace? Well the answer is here! I have designed a complete, revolutionary real estate approach that solidifies full service real estate professionals a foothold in todays market and the market of the future.

Not only have I identified the need for greater client service, incentives and flexibility, I am changing the face of real estate marketing when it comes to BUYING or SELLING a property. With the full integration of technology and ground breaking techniques, I have a full service offering that will set the bar for the future of real estate transactions. Its time to join the "Evolution".

So what is "Evolution Advantage" and what does it mean for me? Evolution advantage is the new face of real estate marketing. With full web 3.0 integration for each listing, it provides the most comprehensive and dynamic way to expose your listing or you to listings in todays market. It means the difference of being limited to one or two marketing outlets to having the maximum market exposure and access to multitudes of marketing outlets. It means flexibility, adaption and manoeuvrability in a time when it matters the most. It means YOU GET MORE! More service, more marketing, and more exposure.
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