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My name is Peter Soares Jr, and I am the owner of P and D Productions and Services, and the inventor of The Hawaiian Kava Rub Massage Oil. I am from Maui, Hawaii.

Our Hawaiian Kava Rub is a massage oil that we had made out of the Hawaiian Kava Root and some essential oils. Our products are unique because they do not have any CBD products in them. We are the very first ones to invent such a product, and we make it here in Hawaii. We are registered with the Better Business Bureau and also registered with the State of Hawaii.

The Hawaiian Kava Root is used by the Polynesians as a drink to help relax the body. We have figured out a way to turn the Kava Root into a massage oil. Of course, you cannot drink it, but use it as a massage oil. The oil has a lot of benefits to it. It is not only good for relieving headaches and sore muscles and bones, you can use it to heal small insect bites, relaxing your mind and body, and used for other symptoms. Just recently, I used it on some older men who had gout, and within 10 minutes of rubbing it on their feet, they started dancing around.

Our oils come in 2 or 3 oz. bottles. They come in either Lavender or Peppermint. We have also invented a hand sanitizer, but it only comes in Lavender. The sanitizer does not have a strong alcohol smell, but a sweet smell to it. It also makes your hand soft and still kill 99.9% of germs.

We have sold all of our products locally here in Hawaii to locals and to visitors. And everyone who has tried our products really liked them. We have been trying to get it out into the wide markets, and have a couple of companies that are trying to help us sell it around the world.

I would also like to network with companies who would like to sell our products in their stores.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to maybe working with you in the very near future.

Peter Soares Jr

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