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1. Be an influencer on Webtalk and get paid 2X
2. Be an affiliate for Webtalk and earn residual commissions for life
3. Use Webtalk to grow your careers and businesses while earning from Webtalk at the same time

1. Influencers with large followings monetize your audiences on social media by injecting ads and promotions into your content. On Webtalk, you can do the same, only as your content gains engagement it also generates advertising revenue share with Webtalk's ad rewards program. Get paid 2x as a Webtalk Influencer!

2. Most affiliate programs on the internet only pay a 1-time commission on sales. On Webtalk, your referrals are yours for life, and you get paid even when they do not make purchases.

As your referrals use Webtalk for free, you earn a percentage of the ad revenue they help generate. You also earn a 10% commission whenever they make purchases, and this includes recurring purchases such as our PRO premium feature subscriptions that pay up to $48 per year per PRO customer referral.

More revenue streams will be added as Webtalk grows such as; Webtalk Travel, Webtalk Marketplace, Webtalk Games, and Webtalk Talent Solutions. As we add new revenue streams, your earning potential continues to grow from your existing book of business.

Refer influencers to Webtalk and really watch your income grow. There is no limit on the amount you can earn with our program.

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3. Webtalk is a platform to showcase your talent and manage all of your personal, professional and business relationships under one roof.

By using Webtalk's free services, you can discover and be discovered for more opportunities, and grow your businesses, while building and maintaining all of your relationships in one place.

As you use Webtalk you are also generating ad rewards points for yourself, which rewards you with a percentage of the ad revenue you helped generate.

Our PRO premium features are ideal for professional networkers who are looking to meet more people and be discovered for even more opportunities.
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