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Hi, my name is Amber. I am a member of a company called Savings Highway Global. Do you want to save money, make money, or both? Well, good news! You have the opportunity to do both with this company! Savings Highway Global has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. With just one membership, you can save as well as make money! Depending on your wants and needs, you can save hundreds… even thousands of dollars! There are too many discounts to write them all out! But, just to name a few you can save on car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, hotels, airfare, condos, resorts, cruises, dining, new cars, electronics, and yep you guessed it… so much more! Want to hear something even better? How would it help you if you were able to lower your already existing monthly bills?! Once a member, you can book a free consultation with a specialist to see how much you could save each month! You will have two memberships to choose from, either gold or platinum. Visit my website linked at the end of this! Browse through it, watch the videos, and read the testimonials. You can sign up straight from my website or if you have further questions, send me an e-mail and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. My email is linked below as well. Now how about we talk about the money making side of this!! How would you like to fire your boss and make your own hours working from home?! Well that is definitely possible if you put in the work! There are no ranks, no quotas, and absolutely no bugging your family and friends. With your membership, you will receive a free done for you website and free training site. I would recommend getting your free “lower my bills” consultation as soon as possible. When you have your own results and you share them with people you know, of course everyone will want in on your secret! Everyone dreams of that life where they don't have to clock in everyday! So what are you waiting for?! Visit my website at My email address is This is an amazing opportunity! So go on, click on my website link and see for yourself the opportunity that is awaiting you! This could change your life! Don’t just keep dreaming of the life you have always wanted, go make it happen!
Amber Gorham

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